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Improve your balance and functional training with the PTP Inflatable Stability Disc. Perfect for at-home workouts and rehabilitation exercises, this disc adds an extra challenge to your routine and strengthens core muscles

Core strength & stabilisation

Elevate your workouts by adding an element of instability and improve your core strength, balance, coordination and posture. The unstable platform forces the body to stabilise joints and react as an integrated system, engaging often neglected deep muscles like the abdominal, pelvic floor and deep back muscles. Simply change the level of inflation for more or less stability and challenge.

Sports performance and proprioception

Enhance your sports performance by adding challenge to classic exercises, such as squats, planks, lunges and crunches. The textured top prevents hand and feet from slipping, while the bottom with protrusions keeps you grounded on any surface or offers a sensory experience that fosters proprioception (sense of space and movement). Convenient full body training with peace of mind in the comfort of your own home, at the gym or even outdoors. Combining compact design and robust anti-burst construction, this versatile strengthening tool lets you work out anywhere. The user-friendly poster included lets you target your legs, hips, glutes, abs, back, chest, shoulders and arms for a balanced body less prone to injuries.

– Perfect to add challenge to classic exercises, such as squats, planks, lunges and crunches
– Dual textured surface prevents hand and feet from slipping and keep you grounded
– Protrusions offer a sensory experience that fosters proprioception
– Compact design that can be deflated for easy storage
– User-friendly poster with 30+ exercises

BALANCE Joint stabilisation and core control. Ideal to improve motor coordination and posture.

FLEXIBILITY Stretching and body toning. To lengthen muscles and increase range of motion.

*Inflation level can be adjusted for desired stability and challenge level


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