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Gearlock 12 Hour Protectant


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GEARLOCK offers an advanced range of antimicrobials designed to stand up to the demands of contact. Our equipment protectants will defend your gear against germs — without destroying it. While our hand sanitisers provide long-lasting protection, so that the only thing you need to focus on is the game you’re playing. Australian made and owned we are here to support healthier and more sustainable playing environments.

GEARLOCK™ 12HR disinfects sports equipment and then dries to form a long-lasting protective barrier that provides up to 12hrs of continuous defense against bacteria. Designed to be durable for contact sport, GEARLOCK™ 12HR is for anyone who wants to support a healthier environment including clinics and gyms.

It is effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses including;

  • Herpes Simplex virus
  • Murine hepatitis virus (MHV)
  • Human Coronavirus E229, including COVID-19

How does Gearlock work?

GEARLOCK™ 12HR contains a unique technology called QuatLock™. QuatLock™ forms a defensive antimicrobial shield on the surfaces to which it is applied. Once bonded, the Quatlock™ doesn’t leave the surface or deplete in microbial efficacy, meaning that your equipment will stay cleaner for longer. Each GEARLOCK™ product is formulated differently, so make sure to check the specific durability claim before using.

The antimicrobial in QuatLock™ is like a tiny electrical spear. When a microbe comes in contact with it, a very small electrical interaction occurs. Unlike many antimicrobials that poison germs, the QuatLock™ layer is not consumed during disinfection which mean that it can continue defend surfaces for long periods of time. Sometimes we refer to this as a self-sanitising surface.

Check out the below video to see how it works and simple and effective it is.

Gearlock Protectant does not contain alcohol so will not deteriorate surfaces such as vinyl, leather and steels. This makes it ideal for the use in the following;

  • Sports equipment- footballs, soccerballs, rugbyballs
  • Gym Equipment- weights, barbells, weight benches
  • Clinical Equipment- treatment tables, rehab equipment- will not damage vinyl.
  • Office Equipment- desks, doors handles, furniture, computers

ARTG No; 353489

Available now in:

  • 50ml Foamer
  • 375ml Foamer
  • 500ml pump Spray
  • 80s Canister- 8 Hour protectant only



375ml Foamer, 500ml Spray, 50ml Foamer, 80's cannister- 8hr, 80s Canister


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