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Pilates Equipment Maintenance

It is essential that you undertake regular inspection and maintenance of your equipment to make sure that you get the best out it. Follow the guide below and your RESISTA Pilates equipment will last for years.


Ensure that all nuts, bolts and screws are securely fastened. These can sometimes loosen over time and use of the equipment, or during freighting. So please ensure you inspect these regularly.

Cleaning Upholstery and Framework

Regularly clean all upholstery and framework on your RESISTA Pilates equipment. We suggest using a soft cloth with a mild non abrasive solution that does not contain silicone. A gentle soap solution wash or using soap based wipes will remove dirt, oils and bacteria and prolong the longevity of your upholstery.

DO NOT USE ALCOHOL BASED PRODUCTS regularly. These are very corrosive and will cause deterioration of the upholstery. Your warranty will be void. We recommend using anti-microbial wipes such as Clinell wipes or Tuffies.

The cotton loops or wool loops should be machine washed regularly. Place in a delicates bag or a pillow case and wash on gentle. Hang to air dry. DO NOT tumble dry.

Cleaning Tracking Systems

Keeping the carriage tracks and wheels clean and free of dust and grit will ensure a smooth glide and best performance. You can clean the carriage wheels and tracks by wiping the track with a household grease cutting cleaner on a regular basis. Be sure to disconnect all the carriage springs and wipe the entire track. Use a damp cloth and hold it against the moving wheels to clean them.

We do not recommend the use of lubricant on the track of the reformer as it will add to dust and grit build up. Cleaning them clean will be sufficient.


Checking the carriage wheels regularly is recommended. Make sure you remove any debris that might be entwined between the wheel and metal housing and tighten the axles if any wheel ‘play’ is evident.

Springs and Ropes

Regularly inspect all springs and ropes for signs of wear and tear. If you notice signs of deformation, kinks, gaps, fraying or corrosion please do not use and replace quickly. Using defective springs and ropes could cause harm and injury.

Please also confirm ropes are correctly secured and that the rope adjustment system is properly engaged and locked.


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