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About Resista Pilates

RESISTA Pilates is owned and operated by Sports Physiotherapists with over 25 years of clinical experience working with individuals in both the clinical, and sporting settings. Pilates has always been a fundamental piece of the rehab puzzle.
We therefore understand the need for top quality Pilates equipment and accessories, that are not only functional and versatile, but are also affordable and reliable. RESISTA Pilates was created with quality, beauty, functionality and affordability in mind. You will not be disappointed with RESISTA Pilates equipment.

Benefits of Being a Brand Ambassador

Outline the perks and benefits of representing Resista Pilates. This could include:
    • Exclusive discounts on products
    • Early access to new product launches
    • Exposure on Resista Pilates’ social media channels and website
    • Opportunities for collaboration and networking within the fitness community
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What makes you an amazing Resista Pilates Ambassador?
1. Passion for pilates, yoga, and fitness
2. Active presence on social media platforms
3. Willingness to create content promoting Resista Pilates products
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